Kherad Group


Established in 2005, Pirouz Gostar Cinema Technology Development (PGCineTech) has developed the organisation and the infrastructure to deliver high quality and professional services to the Cinema and Film Industry. PGCineTech strategy is to become the "Pioneer Service Organisation" to deliver high tech and professional services to enable and empower customers to successfully lead their business forward. To be the Pioneer means to effectively provide services in the best quality as well as delivering these services to Pioneer people and organisations. PGCineTech is effectively active in the following fields:

  • Camera Support Equipments
  • Lighting Equipments
  • Lighting Support Equipments and Grips
  •  Special Effects
  •  Consumables

Cinema industry has always been one of sensitive and complex industries. A complex mix of different devices and equipments are used and a variety of expertise are needed, from Audio professionals to Special effects, from Camera specialists to power distribution, and from mechanics to electronics. Appreciating this diversity, PGCineTech has been established to provide the Cinema Professionals the equipments they may need and all the expertise that may be required. Developing the effective infrastructures, PGCineTech has now become the largest and the leading "Cinema Equipments Sales and Rental Company" in the country. To be successful and remain so, requires well organised structures as well as well organised networks of partners and suppliers. PGCineTech, has established effective business relations with different suppliers, international companies or local distributors, as a belief that, success will be achieved by combined and harmonised forces. PGCineTech, proudly represents following major manufacturers in the country:

  • Pirouz Movie Tech.
  • Kupo Co. LTD.
  • L'aigle Paris
  • Lightstar (Beijing) Lighting
  • Righton Technology Co.

We've developed a comprehensive network of strategic partners and suppliers to enable us to provide professional equipments for cinema and film professionals.