Kherad Group

Sky Giant

The sky Giant JB2 is designed to lift camera operators to a height of 7 meters.

The sky Giant is constructed DA durable aluminium which makes it is easy transportable. Its strength integrity and safety are of the highest quality.

Sky Giant can also be used with track. It can be easily mounted to dolly.

Panther Cinejib

Panther Cinejib is one of the most portable professional camera cranes. The crane has been designed especially to provide rapid installation.

Having a considerable light weight, it can be assembled in 10 min. providing a quick setup and shoot time.

Phoenix Crane

The Phoenix Crane System is a modular Crane System. The Phoenix crane allows set up of a remote or platform crane version within minutes.

Maximum ridge in platform version for two-man use is about 8 meters, in remote-head configuration it is 12 meters.